Bible Games and other Faith-Based Apps are Fun

It’s a Relief to Know that Christians are Using Technology like Mobile Apps to help Believers Strengthen their Faith in Jesus

Christians all over the world are getting inspired by new conversions every day from people in places like China, India, Malaysia, Pakistan and other countries that are not friendly to Christians and their message of salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ. Traditionally Christian missionaries would do the standard procedure of infiltrating these areas, setup a secret underground church and give out Bibles to the locals to learn about God. It’s unfortunate that these missionaries get caught and punished harshly for teaching people about God’s word, but of course we do have to acknowledge that the governments of such countries have strict laws against what Christians are doing there. So it begs the question, what if they could use Bible games on mobile phones to share the Gospel?bible games

That would be a real game changer!

Traditional Customs and Beliefs Forces Certain People to Disapprove of One Another

The countries that were mentioned above are nations that are either have a communist ideology or follow the Sharia Law of Islam. Both are not friendly to the Christian faith due to the Crusades in the 9th century AD and the Marxism political view where it prevents the involvement of any religion in political affairs. The internet, mobile phones and other forms of entertainment such as free online word games are heavily censored if the government thinks that it has the potential to threaten their core beliefs in any way. This is the reason why it’s so difficult for Christian missionaries to penetrate these areas and share the Gospel. Perhaps Christian missionaries should use Bible games as a means to an end scenario.

A Middle Ground

Fortunately, the economic pressure is too strong for these countries not to utilize the internet to their advantage, so Christians might have a middle ground here and be able to do more than just send missionaries to these countries. With our new app, Play The Bible, and if the governments even just allowed their citizens to play Bible verse games for Android and iOS devices, then maybe there will be no need to print millions of copies of the Bible and give it away to the public, which often leads to the missionaries’ arrest and imprisonment. They’re lucky if they’ll get deported for breaking the law. It is said that China approves of their citizens be given a Bible just as long as Christians do not cause a public disturbance and go house to house to share the Gospel openly. They might allow people to play Bible games on their smartphones and tablets like our app, Play The Bible, and we’ll get a shot at bible gamessharing the Gospel covertly.

Instead of Using the Traditional Bible to Save People, Why Not Bible Games?

It is counterintuitive and overzealous to say that we should not steer away from traditional Christian values like using a paperback print Bible for daily reading and meditation. In fact, if you’ll look back at history before the Torah (the first five books of the Bible) were written the Jews handed them down orally. This means that the Torah were merely a collection of stories told on bonfires each night by village elders in the plains of Mesopotamia. So it’s perfectly okay to convert the Bible digitally and let people read it from their smartphones and other mobile devices, as they will discover the truth of God’s Word all the same. The modern times forces us to adjust to the new changes brought about by the internet and other consumer technologies almost on a daily basis.

Replacing the Bible with Bible games for kids to learn the Scriptures is perfectly okay.

We Change with the Times

Just as the early Christians used the fish symbol in order to avoid persecution, it’s okay to use books of the Bible games for kids to avoid certain stereotypes of today. Powerful empires like Babylon, Egypt and Persia did not survive the times but the Bible did and if you ask why, then the answer is simple – both the Jews and the Christians adapted to survive and did not use force to remain alive. Today it’s sad to say that a lot of people are getting “tired” of the Bible, especially if pastors and preachers and televangelists preach with fire and brimstone doctrine. People just feel uneasy with it and it sort of feels like threatening to listen to those kinds of Bible preaching. Sharing Bible games apps to your friends won’t feel as much awkward as preaching the Scriptures to them.

The Bible in Cyberspace Disguised as a Mobile Game App

The best thing about mobile apps is that people are actively searching for them and more than that they’re also bible gameslooking forward to use it. So unlike sharing the Gospel in the traditional way where you go to people, make them feel threatened, actually threaten them with sin and death and eternal damnation, then offer them a way out. By the time you reach the climax of your holy marketing technique people will get stuck with Hell and eternal damnation and be so afraid to hear anymore from you. If you offer them to try the Play The Bible app instead and let them enjoy Bible games, then maybe they’ll be less afraid of you and it will be the Holy Spirit that will guide them to the saving knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Gospel is the Goal

If they’ll tell you that setting up your business in the mobile app industry is a very profitable business, then they’re telling you the truth. However, the financial aspect of RD Games’ goals is inconsequential compared to its main goal which is to spread the message of salvation. If anything, we use whatever monetary gains that we get from the revenue of our app to empower our mission which is Jesus’ Great Commission and we all know what that is now, don’t we? Of course, that term is probably one of the most well known terms in Christian circles. The sole purpose of creating Play The Bible is to ensure that the Gospel is preached even in a covert way in the form of Bible games and so far we are succeeding.

Bible Games is what We Need to Have a God-Fearing Generation

Bible Games Have Great Words! Great Characters! Great Fun!

In this multicultural world of many religions, people are often disenchanted by the idea of religion – it is often associated with politics as an important topic not to discuss with a friend unless you want to start a debate – because everyone has their own ideas about matters of faith. Throughout history, many wars have been started in the name of religion.

But people of nearly all faiths agree on one thing – JESUS lived a remarkable life. He lived what he taught, that we should 1) love God with all our heart, and 2) we should love our neighbor as ourselves. Jesus didn’t teach that we can choose to ignore God because we don’t care. And he didn’t say we can choose not to love someone because of how they act or how they live. He set a golden standard that can provide the world peace, if we could bring ourselves to bible gameslive by his example.

The Bible today is made up of two sections – the Old Testament – original Hebrew texts (written before Jesus), and the New Testament – (mostly written after Jesus lived). According to Jesus, he came to fulfill prophecy as written in the Old Testament. The New Testament chronicles how he fulfilled more than a hundred of these prophecies.

And since Jesus, the Bible as we now have it was formed and has become the most widely distributed book in the history of the world.

Play The Bible was designed to introduce a new generation to the text of the Bible, and do so in a format that can more aptly compete with today’s entertainment-focused world just like other Bible games that was created before it.

At RD Games, we sincerely hope that everyone who gets Play The Bible will have a great time and be blessed with its enduring message which has stood the test of time.

Game Objective

The objective of this game is to help kids and adults alike to enjoy interactive, biblically-themed entertainment intended on mobile devices while learning many important things about the Bible and God’s word. Play The Bible has a wide array of elements that are just as enjoyable as other Android or iOS mobile games that billions of people love to play. The game includes tile color to word matching (a new concept), multiple choice questions, character biographies of some of the most popular Bible characters, wisdom breaks and more! The game also includes links to well-known films for people to discover more about Jesus and the Bible, its important characters, history and the bible gamesGospel!

Indeed Bible games are no second-rate knock offs of the best mobile gaming apps today.

The Christian mobile app developers at RD Games feel that the changing landscape of our modern society’s technological infrastructure has left cyberspace lacking in enough of God-focused content – especially in the area of apps for mobile devices. While there are Bible apps, Bible games and other Christian-related apps available, there are only a handful of game apps that attract the majority of mobile web users. Of these, some are Bible-based games – but most do not live up to the quality of more secular creations. As a result, it has been difficult to retain a user’s attention long enough to adequately share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Play The Bible hopes to change that paradigm and expose this new generation of mobile app users – and the majority are not big on the traditional concepts of evangelism – to God’s word, the Bible. To put it plainly, most people don’t associate learning God’s Word and reading it with fun.

Why We also Need to Evangelize in Today’s Tech Space via Bible Games

In the past, rival religions, cults, atheism, the night life, money and other vanities would compete with or get in the way of missionaries and ministers to spread God’s word. Today’s modern environment is as if all such things have been placed in a huge box, teleported into tech space and then kept under digital lock & key. The gap of reaching out to the masses in order to share the Gospel has completely been reversed thanks to the tech space of mobile web, and slowly, people are losing touch with the voice of God as they focus in on their mobile devices to vanity – and there is bible gamesno end in sight.

Now, missionaries and pastors can go anywhere on the planet, but they’d be walking through a dense forest filled with wild beasts if they try to share God’s word from a mobile app store. Let’s be honest, how many people will download an app that’s just going read text in today’s mobile, entertainment-focused world? Sure, there will be some. However, if we are to grab the attention of most kids and other people who are acquainted with the internet and mobile apps, we must compete based upon rules defined by these new platforms. And Play The Bible is at least one answer to that conundrum.

How’s the 10/40 Window? Evangelism may need a Version 2.0 Update Soon

In the 1990s Christian Missionary Strategist and Partners International CEO, Luis Bush, coined the term “10/40 Window” which is a part of the world where the Gospel of Jesus Christ had been preached the least. This area is located between 10 and 40 degrees north of the equator, which includes the eastern hemisphere, plus the European and African part of the western hemisphere. Today, Christian missionaries have successfully infiltrated even the remotest regions of the world, as well as those countries with extremely strict Islamic laws (i.e. Saudi Arabia and others). Today, many more people have heard the Gospel and have been given a Bible – and many, more than once, too!

However, the last frontier where the Bible needs to be shared is barely on the map – its in cyberspace and in handheld devices called smartphones and tablets – actually, mobile devices. Play The Bible is a great new tool to be bible gamesused for spreading the Gospel to billions of people worldwide! It is not only educational, but it’s also fun to play. And in this medium, many will not be shy in sharing the Gospel in this manner, because it appeals to most kids and adults just as much as other Bible games out there. We here at RD Games are confident that Play The Bible will be an evangelism game changer, not only because it is innovative, but because it will encourage many others to consider how games and entertainment can lead people into an enjoyable and deeper relationship with God and His Word.