Play The Bible Ultimate Verses: Changing the Mobile Gaming Arena

The Latest Scripture-Based App Play The Bible Ultimate Verses is Making Waves in App Stores

People have lots of different habits based on their preference and some of them love to do outdoors, sports, ballet, modern dance, singing, poetry, business, etc. But in general people spend half of their time on their phones and other handheld devices and about 7% – 25% of that time is dedicated to mobile gaming. If you’re going to choose a game that’s both entertaining and enlightening, then we recommend you try our new mobile game app, Play The Bible. The Play The Bible Ultimate Verses (the full title of the app) is now available both on Google Play and the iOS App Store.

Why People Get Bored

We human beings have tolerance level which means that we can only tolerate things happening in our lives for a certain periods of time. Even the most rewarding jobs or most profitable businesses or most amazing relationships will have ups and downs through the course of their existence, and when people who are involved in them snaps, then there would be chaos. In the small things it shows in our boredom – the state of mind where a person can no longer tolerate his mediocre lifestyle, so he attempts to entertain himself through various vanities of this world that satisfies his basic desires. Often they become misguided souls who hurt others either knowingly or unknowingly, but this destructive nature in man can be tamed through free download Christian mobile apps like Play The Bible.

Or especially Play The Bible as it is unique.

Play The Bible Ultimate Verses is a Substantial Solution?

We’re not saying that this game is the best solution to boredom, but it might offer you a longterm solution to the problem. Why? Well, because this game, although similar to the long list of Christian apps on the App Store and Google Play can really entertain you through its puzzle and tile matching challenges. But once it has saturated its alluring glare, then it will bring you face to face with the truth – that you are slave to your sins and you need a savior to free you from your prison. Play The Bible Ultimate Verses is more than just a mobile app – it is an excellent tool for evangelism too! It may take a while before you notice the Bible verses in the background as you’ll be busy matching those colored tiles and answering quizzes that are actually just scriptures in either a multiple choice quiz or a fill in the blanks test.

What Motivates You?

Sometimes you get bored not because of your tolerance level, but because of the lack of motivation in what you want for your life and the lack of vision to get to where you want to go next. People get motivated by many things like money, food, rewards, travel, being accepted in society, fame and many more! But there’s only one motivating factor that will get you going every day and will get you through no matter what – a personal relationship with Jesus. You would never guess that in these free online Bible games like Play The Bible Ultimate Verses, for instance, lies that kind of motivation that you need in your life.

So try it now and find out just how wonderful it is to be enlightened by God’s Holy Spirit!

You can Find Plenty of Amazing Free Online Bible Games on App Stores Including the Play The Bible Ultimate Verses

play the bible ultimate versesThere are lots of useful Bible games on app stores like for instance, Play The Bible Ultimate Verses which has already gained a significant amount of fans who patronize the game. It’s not old news as the first Christian-themed apps that appeared include the Bible in digital format, inspirational exhortations and Bible-based games. Play The Bible is a more improved version of Bible study games for youth and is expected to become the most prolific mobile game app to have ever been created that breaks the barriers between the Christian and secular worlds. Of course, there’s room for improvement but it will be developed as the years go by through the experience gathered from user reviews.

Building a Bridge between the Secular World and the Conservative Christian World is Better than Judging Others

While we do not actively work with other Christian mobile app developers we do hope that they will take inspiration from our product, Play The Bible, and create an intuitive mobile apps like it in order to help accomplish Jesus’ Great Commission. Christians should take mobile web seriously as there are hundreds of millions of users visit there on a daily basis and offering free download Christian mobile apps is just like doing evangelism in cyberspace. Those are a lot of souls to be saved and the potential contribution that they could bring to the Christian cause might be very significant. So let us do more to saturate the mobile web with helpful and inspiring Bible games like the Play The Bible Ultimate Verses from RD Games.

Disagreements Among Believers

The problem that is common among Christian believers is that they seem to have unique doctrines for each denomination you will find across US churches and other churches in the world. Unfortunately, most of these doctrines are man-made misplaced translations of the Scriptures and so they miss out on the more important things. We here at RD Games believe that we should stick to only what Jesus commanded like the Great Commission, loving God and loving your neighbor as yourself and a few other things that He told us to do. Things like what we ought to wear or eternal salvation should not be central to our faith, because it is ideas like these that make Christians judge the motives of their brethren like with what we do here with creating the Play The Bible Ultimate Verses mobile game app.

It is unfortunate that we get judge for doing a revolutionary approach in evangelism and people just say that we only do it for the money.

How we can All Benefit from This

If we think as a whole as one body, the Church of Christ, his bride, then we will have a clear vision of helping people to get to know Jesus and be saved. We should all be rejoicing with Play The Bible, because of what it can do and is already doing – bringing people closer to God. Although lightly disguised as one of the many free online Bible games, it is a very effective evangelizing tool and Christians could use it for that exact purpose. That is how we benefit from this amazing mobile app. You can download Play The Bible Ultimate Verses on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store now.

Bible Study Games for Youth that Teach Them Morality

These Scripture-Themed Apps on App Stores are Actually Bible Study Games for Youth and Adults that Teach People to be Good and Kind

The airwaves are filled with wireless internet connection that links every mobile device on the planet, and approximately 40% of the time spent on smartphones and tablets are dedicated to mobile gaming. That’s a lot of time for games! But you can’t really judge people as these things somewhat alleviate boredom. The games range from first person shooting game to role playing strategy games and even some Bible study games for youth can be found in both Android and Apple app stores. The intensity, challenging and competitive nature of these bible study games for youthgames attract a huge number of young people, especially kids.

Game Value

Humans eat food to get nutrients from them, but when food is taken in irregular amounts, it can have bad results for your health. The same is true with other things that we normally take for granted. Take for example these mobile game apps, they seem to only appeal to your taste for sex and violence, but do they have any real lasting value? Do they teach you something that’s useful for your day-to-day lifestyle? If they do, then that’s wonderful! It means that they help build your character and have a positive perspective in life. Bible study games for youth like Play The Bible is such a game that adds value to the whole gaming experience.

However, most of the mobile game apps today either sexualize their characters or inject a ton of violence into the gamers’ mind. The ones that do have some sort of value are only those that help with your logic and reasoning capacity as well as improve your math skills. On the other hand there are a few free online bible games on your mobile device that brings real value to your life. One of them is Play The Bible.

So Why Bible Study Games for Youth?

Play The Bible is actually a form of Bible study turned into a mobile game that appeals to kids and teens as well as some adults also. Studying God’s word, the Bible, will help you become a better person, as it mainly teaches morality that is in line with the will of God. The Android and Apple app store is not devoid of Bible study games for youth and, in fact, you can download and install games like Play The Bible and other Christian-themed games that are very entertaining. God basically wants you to live a happy prosperous life where you won’t hurt others and be at peace with everyone around you. If we only follow God’s will, then there would only be peace and progress in the world!

Play The Bible hopes to achieve that in some small way by introducing the new generation to God’s word in a soft and subtle manner. In time they will not only be familiar with the Bible, but may also practice its moral teachings in their study games for youth

Slowly but Surely

You can find several interesting Christian podcasts for college students as well as Scripture-based mobile games on any app store and you can be sure that they will satisfy your soul. The Bible passages that are found in the gameplay will stir you inside and make you question your life’s purpose, which is a good thing as it will bring your closer to God. Since these Bible study games for youth are created to have many layers and levels of difficulty, the process of how God’s word will make a difference in your life may be slow; however, it will take hold eventually. That’s the amazing thing about God, you see, time is always on his side and it doesn’t matter how long it takes to change your heart. He will see you through any and all obstacles.

The Ancient Cutting-Edge

The Bible is believed to have been written around 1312 BC which coincidentally is around the same time Pharaoh Tutankhamun died. But Bible scholars and archaeologists believe the stories from the Bible may have been handed down from generations to generations orally thousands of years before that. The word of God is as old as time itself and it will always remain significant throughout the ages. Today it has been digitally encrypted so that kids can play it on their smartphones and tablets. Once you start playing Play The Bible, you will find that learning about the Bible isn’t boring at all! It’s fun to learn about Adam and Eve, Moses, Abraham, Jesus and many other famous Bible characters.

The free download Christian mobile apps on your mobile devices are quite interesting, so start now with Play The Bible! You might just find what you’re looking for.

Puzzle Games with Bible Passages

bible study games for youthPlay The Bible is a tile and puzzle game with additional games built into it as you go through each level. There will be multiple choice quizzes, trivia, fill in the blanks, in-game cinematics and many other fun Bible study games for youth. It’s so amazing because the game developers have turned the scriptures into a puzzle game that lets kids solve it as well as the riddle of their lives. From what they’ll be exposed to they will instantly learn why they need a savior and how Jesus is the only one that could fill that role in their lives.

The Bible truly is resilient! Every time upheavals happen that threaten to make it irrelevant or destroy it, God always finds a way to let it survive – this time in cyberspace.

Play The Bible is now available for free on Android and Apple app stores. You can play it on any mobile device; you can even play it on a desktop PC using a mobile phone emulator! The overall gameplay experience is unexpectedly cool, because we haven’t seen a level of craftsmanship when it comes to the character and game design like it on other mobile game apps. It’s also very educational as the game itself is designed to stimulate and develop the player’s intelligence. This isn’t just another Bible study games for youth, but rather it is a highly challenging game that everyone will love.

Play The Bible – RD Games’ Best Mobile App

The First Mobile Game App of RD Games – Play The Bible – is Quite Impressive According to Gamers

Welcome to Play The Bible! Your ultimate source of Bible-themed games that you can download on your Android or Apple devices. For decades people who use the mobile web have been inundated by so much negativity. From the mild to the extreme you can be sure that they’ll put you off of your mood before the sun goes down and most of it comes in the form of news articles, videos, images, advertisements, music videos, podcasts and mobile apps. It is play the bibleestimated that the total number of mobile app downloads in 2017 is around 197 billion according to Statista, and almost half of this are game apps.

RD Games, the developer of Play The Bible, decided to turn the tide and bring people closer to God just like it was in the old days.

Most of the content on the mainstream internet and mobile web are spiritually non-aligned to any known faith or religion, especially those game apps. If some religious elements have been included in the game app, it isn’t placed there for the purpose of disseminating religious information, but rather is only being used for entertainment purposes. So even if you see a Christian or Buddhist character in the game he/she is merely there to play a certain role for the game to be as entertaining as possible. The game developer had no intention of accentuating any religion or faith that the character is associated with.

Play The Bible is the exact opposite of that, because it was developed for the purpose of learning God’s word – the Bible – yet still be as entertaining as most game apps that you can find in Google’s Playstore or Apple’s App Store.

The Gospel is still Relevant Today

People are caught up with so many things today that it seems to take up all of their time. Netflix and other online tv streaming service, smartphones, tablets and other computer devices, social media and other online communities as well as tons of game apps that keeps them preoccupied every waking moment. Hardly anyone ever has time for self-reflection let alone time to seek answers to their deep longings for God or a savior. Sometimes they question, is God still relevant today? Does he really care about what happens to humans on Earth?

It may sound surprising, but the mere fact that people are asking these kinds of questions makes God and his Gospelplay the bible relevant! Otherwise no one would care. We need to connect with the divine, because we were created by Him and severing that connection is just basically destroying ourselves. The Bible trivia for kids in this app, albeit unconventional, will help people reconnect with God and find their spiritual alignment once again.

Types of Games you can Expect from the Play The Bible App

The Play The Bible app is actually just one game with multiple features as you play along. You will need a good internet connection in order to play it and a valid email address to come along with it also. However, you can also create an account by using your Facebook or LinkedIn profile and the game itself will automatically get your personal information such as name, nickname, profile picture and other things. There are lots of free online Bible games to play with and you can play on a single player mode, join a multiplayer session or create your own multiplayer session and invite or wait for other players to join your game.

The game also has endless in-game cinematics, animated narrations, side games like Bible verse quizzes, in-app purchases, identifying Bible characters from a few given hints, multiple choice questions, and other interesting things.

The main game is the tile game where you are required to match the tile colors to each word from a certain Bible passage. Your moves are limited so you have to move the tiles efficiently and match the correct tiles to their corresponding colors for each word on the table. Failure to comply will result in the depletion of moves and you will then be forced to purchase moves either via gold points or real money via a PayPal payment or credit card. Fortunately you will be given 30 gold points upon registration, but you may want to save this as purchasing moves play the bibleare quite expensive.

Game Benefits

Play The Bible has lots of amazing benefits for Christians and non-Christians alike. For the believers it’s a great tool to use for evangelism, make new friends, break the ice when it’s boring and you can’t find anything else to do to brighten your day up, and many other fun things. For those who are not familiar with the Bible or Christianity, this game app is a great alternative for all those high-octane action-packed games that you’re used, or if you just want to pass up the time while waiting for some friends to arrive. It is also a good tool for learning, as you will find that a lot of the events of the Bible are deeply connected with important aspects of history.

Whether you’re passionate about telling your friends about the wonderful story of the Lord Jesus Christ or you just want to have some fun, Play The Bible is the perfect smartphone game app for you! You’ll really enjoy it as its developer guarantees it is one of the best Bible trivia for kids that you can find on any app store today.

The Takeaway

While there are a lot of game apps that compete for market share in the mobile web, most of these apps are created like zombies with only one goal in mind – food – and that food is the user’s attention. More downloads means more income! One could argue that money and business are the biggest things that drive our modern society, but oneplay the bible could also wonder what value, if there’s any, these apps have to the people, or personally to you. If the games that you’re playing have none whatsoever, then why waste your precious time playing them? Isn’t it just the same with procrastination?

Play The Bible has some spiritual value that you won’t find in any other app on any app store out there. So play it now, have fun and learn the value it has for your life.