Free Bible Apps for Android Tablet to Saturate your Life With

If you’re a Christian and you have no Idea about the Mobile Web, then you may want to Start with these Free Bible Apps for Android Tablet

For many years Christians have had a difficult time to keep up with the competition in the mobile app world of Android and Apple devices, but now RD Games have finally broke through that glass ceiling and published a unique and addictive game that’s based on the Bible. We present you Play The Bible! It is one of the many free Bible apps for Android tablet as well as other Android and iOS devices available on app stores. The game is a combination of colored tiles matching and word puzzle game that challenges you to solve the words in the background, which are Bible verses revealed.

It’s an interesting game that has many features.

How did the Beta Version Fair?

The beta version for Play The Bible came out just a few months ago, so it’s pretty fresh and so far we got very good feedback from the beta testers also. It’s more than just those puzzle games free online and is a better game than current Scripture-based games of the same genre’ on the app stores. As a matter of fact, even if you don’t care about the Bible or God or Jesus, you would still enjoy playing the game, because plain and simple it’s a modest mobile game app that’s a notch up from the traditional games you’ve played before. It didn’t took us long enough to publish the full version of the game and a month later we’re getting a significant amount of downloads and a couple of reviews.

Digitizing the Gospel and Making it Fun to Learn

It takes a divine calling for one to find the Bible interesting to read and you can’t exactly market it raw to the new generation of gamers, so when we prayed God granted us the wisdom on how to best disseminate the Gospel online and on app stores. With the current trend on game apps these days making free Bible apps for Android tablet and for other handheld gadgets just won’t cut it. You need to compete on their terms, because you’re fighting on their turf, so for game app enthusiasts we provided the best Bible games for adults online. But Play The Bible is not just for adults, in fact, we’ve designed it to cater to kids and teens, but of course, adults find it very entertaining also.

After a few months of its release the game has now been widely accepted and appreciated by Christians and non-Christians alike. The reason behind that is because we’ve made the Bible fun to learn, or in case you’re not big on the Bible, then at least you’re big on fun, right? That’s the beauty of this game app it has the best of both worlds.

Christians can Use it for Evangelism Purposes

Play The Bible is not just for entertainment purposes as its potential for evangelism is quite promising and Christians all over the world can use it as a subtle way to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ our Savior. Churches have come up with ingenious ways on how to share the Gospel of salvation and through the years they’ve been modestly successful in doing it. They have almost every clever technique for different peoples, beliefs, places and other factors that are either directly or indirectly become an eventual obstacle to their mission. Play The Bible is our way to effectively infiltrate the mobile app world and spread the truth about Christ and lead souls to Jesus through free Bible apps for Android tablet.

Since the internet has become an integral part of our life, then Christians ought to learn how to navigate in it and use our game app to help save souls too! It would be a whole new kind of experience when you realize that this is the very first time that you’ll be using modern technology to share the Gospel through Bible quiz questions and answers on Android and iOS app stores. Evangelism will never be the same again.

Play Solo or Play with your Friends

Play The Bible has two playing modes where you can play in single player mode (online or offline) and multiplayer online mode where you can play coop or compete against each other. Both modes will allow you to gain points and gold coins as well as encounter dozens of bonus rounds as you go through the game levels and get even more points and gold coins. Now you’re going to want to play in multiplayer mode, because it’s more fun to play in coop or competitive styles. When free Bible apps for Android tablet and other gadgets are not enough, there’s Play The Bible! You could be playing with your nearby friends or other players from all over the world! You may even get to chat and know them through the game and become friends in the future.

Isn’t that great? You’ll play the game, have lots of fun, discover the Bible, share the Gospel and add new friends in your network!

Why Free Bible Apps for Android Tablet and other Mobile Devices is not Enough to make People Hear God’s Calling

Of course, our game app which is suited for both Android and iOS devices is free to download; however, it is not like any other free Bible apps for Android tablet and other handheld devices, because it gives the players more than just entertainment. It gives them access to the Word of God in a subtle manner and slowly saturates it in their hearts and minds, then the Christian believer can come in later and guide them to the enlightening scriptures which will ultimately lead them to the knowledge of the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

They can play interactive Bible games for youth on this game app endlessly, entertain themselves and be inspired as they move through each level. And while we will do our best to plant the seeds of the word of God on the player’s hearts, it is the Holy Spirit that will soften their hearts in order to accept Jesus and be born again. It’s incredible to think that people these days could be saved through our free Bible apps for Android tablet and other mobile devices, but it’s a real possibility and someone may have already been saved while we’re writing this article. Of course, you can download free games and apps for Android tablet that are also Scripture-based on Google Play Store. There are thousands of Christian apps on app stores nowadays.

Why Did We Develop Bible Verses in a Game?

bible versesWe Really had to Think and Prayed it Through Before God Gave Us the Wisdom to Seamlessly Insert Bible Verses in a Mobile Game App

I’m Troy, one of many team members working for RD Games. Prior to Play The Bible, I was fortunate to work on and distribute numerous faith-based games for the PC which also included Bible verses. One was a match-three game, another was a word game, another a karaoke game, even a scripture chess game. We also did other interactive Bible games for youth that became popular among Christian circles. The most well-known was based upon a popular Christian novel series.

Throughout it all, the life-changing impact of these games never seemed to occur from experiencing their entertainment. Instead, the links to our online website with evangelism content, from within the game, is what gave people a chance to Know God and encourage visitors to play to come to faith or recommit to God:

With mobile games being fairly new in the world, less than a decade, I thought it was time to create a faith-based mobile game for Android and iOS devices that have more than just graphics, but also something unique – Bible verses. My concern was that I didn’t just want to create another game with lots of Bible trivia quiz for kids that’s also filled with entertainment that would link to life-changing content. So, rather than try and out-do the supernatural impacting words of the Bible, I thought, how can we create a game that “is” the Bible?

bible versesAs I thought on it for many days, it got to the point where the concept of making a game that featured the “actual text” of the Bible, without changing the static-text itself, seemed completely ridiculous. Think about it. The text must be in the face of every player, without changing, so the life-changing impact of each Bible verse would not be modified in any way – seems like an impossible task, doesn’t it? Creating this interactive Bible games for youth seemed like a daunting task, but with the Spirit of the Lord guiding us we were able to put the pieces together efficiently.

Many ideas came to mind that were interesting to consider, but in the end, they were ineffective as a fun, healthy and addicting experience for gamers. And then, after several days of prayer, I feel the Lord answered. I remember exactly where I was when the primary game elements came to mind – concepts that would be fun and interesting. And within a month, a prototype Bible verses game was up-and-running.

For many months, I sought to find game developers to help, because it had been many years since I’d developed a game from scratch – and I had never before developed anything for the modern mobile platforms. Even for games like word link games free online, similar to our game, the design process was somewhat cumbersome and no funding was in place, either. So, without any income or funding, I sought out to learn a new programming language and development platform, as in times past.

My situation seemed as if I had to choose between developing Play The Bible for love of God and those in need of His saving grace, or only if money would arrive to pay me for it. Because I had years earlier become to believe that God’s calling on my life has been to be a prolific faith-based video game developer, I worked on it for 6 months – and then, family and friends chose to get involved. At first they too were skeptical about this interactive Bible games for youth that have actual Bible verses on it (I expected their instant reaction to be it’s a red flag for the mainstream audience), but approved of my idea later on.

bible versesWhen considering how best to present Bible text in the game, a lot of time and thought went into how the text could be displayed – choosing the right font was crucial, especially in view of the tiles and character spacing. We tried dozens of fonts and spacings before we found the right one. The artwork for the text and throughout the game was consistently being improved. As you can see, the final game screen looks far more interesting and appealing than that of the prototypes above.

When we considered how to display Bible verses in an easy-to-read format, we had other size and font considerations, too. Ultimately, we found a font that looked right, but due to errors within the font file, we had to write special code to properly handle line-spacing – a task that tested how committed we were to using an elegant and easy-on-the-eyes font. Now that’s a Bible trivia quiz for kids that I call, “fantastic!”


bible versesFrom the outset, we’ve wanted Play The Bible to be a useful tool for believers to introduce others to the Bible, with a focus on evangelism, so we partnered with CRU® to incorporate The Jesus Film (with more than 1500 languages) and other Jesus Film Media content, directly from the game’s navigation screen. As a result, in-between all levels, gamers have an opportunity to Know God and view Jesus Film Media.

bible versesWe also wanted to give players an opportunity to play and learn where some popular Bible characters were written about in the Bible. This will make the game particularly interesting as it includes interactive Bible games for youth. To introduce them, we created our own originally written biographies of our first 28 characters. To insure accuracy, we literally wrote everything in a spreadsheet first, with a Bible verses reference that was double-checked to support and justify every statement. This scientific approach was used to insure the integrity of God’s word would not change and that the biographies would be based upon scripture without error. It was laborious, but a joy to bring these characters to life – in each biography within the game – originally written material not available in any other game.

Of course, once we had developed a character section within the game, we then needed to show players how they were progressing through.

Since the time, the game has been in pre-release status. Here are just a few things that people have said.

bible versesThe best game in the world!” – Audrey Francis

Lots of fun!…great way to learn and memorize scripture” – Nathaniel Martinez

So entertaining. I love that I can still play it even when there’s no wifi.” – Isabelle F

I absolutely love it!” – LaSonia Cannon

Awesome way to review scripture” – Jane Davis

First Bible app game that is actually a fun way to become more familiar with verses” – Elisabeth Cawthon

If you are a game player, download Play The Bible Ultimate Verses.

If you are a game developer with an interest in making faith-based games with Bible verses in it, be encouraged to keep God’s words in a higher regard than any content that you can create yourself. Consider how you can present God’s word effectively, in context, in a new, fun and engaging way. Feel free to share your ideas for comment at “troy [at]”.

bible versesVery Kindly yours,

Troy L

Play The Bible Team Member